Skimmer, do you know what it is and how important it is?

Skimmer, do you know what it is and how important it is?

The skimmer, also known as strainer, is a kind of box that serves to capture surface dirt, it must be built into the pool wall, whether it is made of masonry, vinyl or fiber. In many cases, Skimmers are dismissed, as many people are unaware of their importance! Check it out:⠀

It is important as it works by vacuuming the pool surface, which is free of impurities that we often see floating in the water. This upper part of the pool is precisely where there is a lower concentration of chlorine, precisely for this reason there is a greater presence of microorganisms. ⠀

And do you know how Skimmer works?

The pool water enters it carrying the debris left on the surface, such as leaves, insects, sunscreen grease. It has an attached collector, thus allowing dirt to be deposited and water to return to the pool free of impurities.

See how important it is to keep your pool clean for longer? But don’t forget, it is necessary to periodically clean the collector to remove accumulated residues.

The Brustec Skimmer is manufactured in high impact ABS, incorporates incredible resistance and durability to the product, and can be found in several stores throughout Brazil and Latin America!

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